Case Topics

Case One
Teens & Technology
Case Two
Ubiquitous Computing
Case Three
Cyber Ethics
Case Four
Case Five
Case Six
Social Networking
Case Seven
Cell Phones
Case Eight
Case Nine
Online Learning
Case Ten
Digital Storytelling
Case Eleven
Text Messaging & Grammar
Case Twelve
Social Networking Ups & Downs
Case Thirteen
Video Games
Case Fourteen
Virtual Worlds & Mathematics



This site was designed by The University of Alabama CAT 589 Masters students for the purpose of providing educators and those in the field of education with knowledge about issues and trends in educational technology. We would also like to promote discussion of these topics. We have included unique scenarios related to each topic with focus and discussion questions. Use the buttons at the top of the page to navigate to each individual topic. The links to the left are printer friendly versions of the same information.

The Computers and Applied Technology Program is designed to equip educators with the resources, skills, and  knowledge necessary to successfully integrate technology into everyday instruction.

Project Leader: Dr. Vivian H. Wright,

Project Contributors
Gretchen Bailey
Joyce Fleming
Amber Golson
Megan Hastings
Yolanda Lawson
Darrin Lett
Askia Little
Patrick Malone
Casey Marler
Jessica Moore
Sue Sikora

If you would like to use cases from this website please use the following citation: The University of Alabama Computers and Applied Technology Program (2009). Technology education: A series of case studies. Available at

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